Day 24 - 10 Hours

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May 2nd, 2015

I woke up at 11 (yeah, back to the sleeping in) to my phone ringing. It was Simon, the guy who took my application for The Grid and eventually brought me in. He said he needed me to come in ASAP because someone didn’t show. Their loss! I jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready, making it there at around 11:45. I was nervous for the job, as I wasn’t sure how much help I would get, and most of it was done for me when I was being trained. Not the easiest to know how to do something when don't get to try your hand at it a few times, right?

Backstreet's Back!
Well today, I got to try my hand at it a lot of times. I was there for about 10 hours (9 hours will pay my weeks rent! Hurrah!), and got some free coffees and lunch. Oh, right, the job itself. The place is called The Grid, I’m not entirely sure why. I thought it would be called “The Track” or “The Raceway” or something as it’s themed around F1, V8, and GT8 racing. It’s a pizza/burger restaurant that looks a bit higher end, a lot of thought was clearly put into the design and layout inside. You walk into the L-shaped room: in front of you is a bar, complete with an espresso machine. There are raceway tracks outlined and named on the the wall to your left, and screens with sports/races spread around the perimeter. To your right are a number of tables seating between 4 and 8 guests each, and a booth-like bench along the wall to your far right. Turn right just a bit more so that you’re looking up the spine of the L and you get the main attraction: a chain that blocks you from entering that section! Oooooh! But PAST the chain are 8 racing simulation pods, each in the shape of a small F1 car. I run those, as well as move that chain out of your way like a good host should. 

Tran's Emporium
Essentially, my day consisted of: take your shoes off and hop on in! Which type of car? Raceway? That car good with you? Alright! Turn the steering wheel to your left and to the right; see that it doesn’t make a difference after 90 degrees? Good, ‘cause it damages it when you go past that point! Now test the pedals for sensitivity! Alright, off you go!

Once that’s set up, I have to make sure they don’t get super frustrated with running into walls or spinning out, as well as basic troubleshooting. If everything goes perfectly, I sit and try to focus while getting lost in thought for 15 minutes (practice round), then 20 minutes (qualifying round), and finally their race (4-8 laps). It’s a really cool place, and I’ve been trying to find ways to keep myself entertained during the shift, but it was 10 hours and I didn’t get to speak to too many people very in-depth. I practiced mnemonics with their race times to see how fast I could learn them - Fun!

Now, here I sit at home, pizza placed securely in the fridge, typing up the past two days. It’s been fun, but I think I’d rather read daredevil until I fall asleep. Night!

Note on the lack of pictures: I was at work 10 hours today. Not really much to whip your phone out for when you're in the same place the entire time.

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