Day 161 - Help Me Help You

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Approaching Fiction

I wasn’t planning on getting any time to work today, but game day was cancelled. Boom, an opportunity to create some convincing backgrounds for the main character profiles. A hobby of mine was to try and profile strangers, which made this activity easier than my resistance had me believe. Even while I’m writing this, part of me is telling me I should be working on the story and not writing out this post. The other half is glad that I have a sort of straight-forward project to write about, and that there’s no real expectation. But why do I feel there’s an expectation for the writing? Such ego. No one gives a shit about it. It doesn’t even exist!

I found myself reading the TV Tropes page on “Rick and Morty,” one of the shows I would love to take as influence. Tropes were seen as cheating by my younger self, which is plainly stupid. Is it cheating to build a house with a hammer? Likewise, tropes are just the effective tools of storytelling.

Let's Trade

As for you folks, I'd like to hear from you! I can count on one hand the number of you who have reached out to me, and I'm grateful to know you exist. How about a trade?

A cocoon I found on a Tree
You tell me what you enjoy in my writing, and I will focus more on what you enjoy, less on what you find boring, and then we can all have a less watered-down product.

What do you like to hear about? Ideas? Daily-to-day events? Holidays? 
Too wordy? Too complicated? Want more approachable language?
No guarantees I'll incorporate everything, but I'd really like to hear what you find is workin, and what isn't.

I’m putting this in this post because only those of you who actually read my daily stuff are the only ones likely to even see this. I may cast a larger net with an actual survey later, depending on what you report.

Seriously, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this so that I can condense out the stuff that no one likes, and retain what you like. Post in the comments below (I don’t think you need an account, just a name and an e-mail), or message me on the Facebook page HERE

Let’s distill this prose into a poem.
But not really - I hate poetry.

Words of the Day
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