Day 141 - Sending Dollaz Home

Monday, June 27th, 2016
Smog Level: 0/3

Gah, the internet / tech in China is the bane of my existence. The blog being tucked away behind “The Great Firewall of China” doesn’t make my life any easier, but at least it means that the government will be far less likely to give a shit about what I say.

Gym Repellant

Going to the gym everyday is easy for me because I like lifting, and have built the habit around it. I actually look forward to going and plan ways to get it in there when I'm strapped for time. But cardio… is a different story. Knowing it’s cardio day puts up the blockades that I used to feel before getting to habit-level gym status. I procrastinate, and find reasons not to go. Today, for example, I didn’t go because I wasn’t sure if my stomach was upset or not. That part is true, but possibly exaggerated. Better play it safe than do cardio, right?

Steam Sale

It's is going on right now, which is different than it used to be. They use to have daily, weekly, and even hourly sales. That made it a bit more exciting, and you didn’t know what would be on sale. You’d have to keep checking in and have time pressure. It was better for user experience, and for their sales figures (I imagine). Now, it’s just a blanket sale until the sale expires. Boring.

Sending Dollaz Back Home

While figuring out how to use my bank card to buy games on steam, I discovered a way to access funds while overseas. In effect, getting the money out of the country and into a different currency. Union pay-enabled cards allow you to access your account overseas from various banks in North America and charge nothing for conversion, using the up-to-date conversion rate. The only charge is ¥15 (3 CAD, 2.25 USD) and ATM fees, which seem to be like 3 dollars. That means you can get a second bank card, leave it with family back home, and get them to pull money on a monthly basis, costing you only $6 CAD each time. There are a couple other easy ways I’ve heard of, but I gotta vet them first. This one was verified by a coworker.

Class is Winding Down

During class, two of the girls who were finished all their homework for the year got me to help them with their pronunciation. Afterward, they said "You is very this," each giving me a thumbs up. Sweet kids.

As for the problem kid, I’m trying a new strategy with him. I realized he has no means of getting on track because I only give him attention when he's acting out. Instead, I'm going to try giving him more opportunities to speak in class, then praise him when he does well. Maybe he'll take to the idea of praise, since punishment is going nowhere. Like Dale Carnegie says: Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to.

Words of the Day
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