Day 158 - Tears and Hiccups Don't Sway Me

Thursday, July 14th, 2016
75 AQI

South East Season

Shimou is feeling hesitation to travel to Cambodia because of this thing going on in the South East sea. It’s nerves, nothing more. I hope.

What is this south east sea thing? An international court declare that the South East Sea does not belong to China. China has already firmly declared they would ignore whatever the court said. So, unless we go fishing or sailing there, we’ll be fine. Not to mention Cambodia doesn’t even have any shorelines facing that body of water. The entire country of Vietnam separates them.
Chuar Kitchen
Dating in China

Annoying bit of news: I’ve been saying wǒ wrong! It's more like woe-ah, not woah. 

Dan’s leaving back to the states for the rest of vacation in about a day, so we grab some pizza. Oh, and he lent me some money to cover my ass for the trip. He’s a prince, that guy.

He also has some interesting stories of dating life in China. It's all hush hush. I’ll just include this: a girl said to him that she was probably tougher than him. When he said a word to the contrary, she put a cigarette out on the back of his hand. 

Being Creeps

Dex and I grab some roadies and drink on the walk over to the mall, grabbing a cab to their neighborhood. We wander around his complex, looking for his building. We find it, but forgot the room’s number. “Which floor?” a Chinese man says, and I just say “uh, shí sì?” which is the floor they’ve selected - 14. “They don’t know” his associate says in coherent English. They had understood our conversation coming into the building… now we just seem suspicious.

8Bit Decor
We down some drinks at Dan and Mary’s place. I had mentioned the depression from the other day, Dan says he can relate. He says whenever he feels that way, sometimes he just drinks some water and it goes away. Dehydration is a killer.

Location Change: 8bit
A bar themed around video games, with lots of screens and video game systems. Not the drinks, though.

They aren’t serving food, unfortunately, so Dexter and I go to a small stand nearby. I ask for a menu, and he gestures toward the all-mandarin list on the wall beside us. No pictures. Great, uh, 10 chuan, I guess. bù gòu. Not enough.

We stand around, watching a smash tournament being run by one of my DnD friends. 
The bartender looks bored. I ask her as much, since I just learned the word for bored - wú liáo.* She's OK, she says, and the conversation fizzles out. 

I bounce away to play Mario kart: drink and drive. Rules: you have to finish your beer by the end of the race, but can't drive while drinking. Luigi is far more practiced than us, and I lose because I didn't realize it was the last lap. Also, he was better than all of us.

Dex will murder us all
Location Change: Modernista
A bar… without a theme. Maybe "expats" is the theme. 

"Absinthe" Shots
A couple random people had come along with us for the ride from 8bit. Siblings Sofia and Joaquin (like the Pheonix). We all have some shots, I got some absinthe, and I chat with the English/French speaking bartender who says she’s from Quebec. She’s actually from Beijing, but was studying in Montreal and is between semesters now… I think. It's hazy.

Location Change: Jiaozi Place
Hands down, best jiaozi I've ever had. 

So good. Lots of spice. Blurry, but our friends were cool. We came across some guy who was his first day in China. Taught him want (yào) and this (zhè gè).

Cab home, Dan talks about how he thinks it's funny that people can just join your party, like in a video game, during a night of drinking, and everyone's OK with it. 

*In Chinese, you don’t feel bored, you think bored. I think bored. And bored literally translates to “no conversation.” So.. you think no conversation.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
wú liáo
[w-ooh lee-ow]
zú gòu
[zoo go]
Not Enough
bú gòu
[boo go]

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