Day 153 - Japanese Visas

Saturday, July 9th, 2016
150 AQI

Another scorcher living in the heat cloud. Aurora needs visa help at the bank, which Shimou had offered. Apparently, they need to show the Japanese Gov that they have lots of money in the bank and/or proof of owning property... or something. I haven’t fully been informed, but they have more paperwork for this 2-week visa than I had to gain entry into China. Then again, I had less paperwork, but it was all a much bigger, costlier pain-in-the-ass than all of theirs combined. Still, they’re envious that I can just stroll in, toll-free.

Comics and Deadpool

One of the ways I can amuse myself for hours on end with my cellphone - inconsistent internet connection and all - is through comics. The new phone has double the storage of my old one, it’s great. I highly recommend it. One Plus 2, FYI.

Shoe Store that might disappear randomly
I had gotten my hands on the entire deadpool collection, and have been working my way through. I had tried reading them before but found them unbearable, with most of the characters being unrelateable. I still feel that way. But now I'm familiar with the characters and am used to how off-the-wall and messed up his storylines usually end up being. Example: being hired by a galactic empire to put down a rebellion on a primitive world, empowers said rebels, forces the society to update against their will, brings media attention to their exploitation, then empowers them, and, finally, tries to steal all their gold before getting kicked off the planet by the ruling powers. All over the place.

Deadpool’s MO in a nutshell: Do the seemingly nonsensical whenever he feels like it, then take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves in the ensuing chaos.

Just, y'know, Robots
Back to Reality

The three of us, finished with all that clerical business, make a pitstop at the mall to cool off and grab a snack. Sometimes they have these random dessert places that serve stuff like mango-coconut drinks with jellies in the bottom, or mango-watermelon juice. These were what we got, while Aurora got a deal on mango-topped coconut milk with sweet, glutinous rice. It sounds strange, but don’t knock it till you try it. Actually very nice.

I’m having a hard time figuring out if I’ve got food poisoning and that’s why I’m feeling like crap, or if it’s just the constant heat and dehydration. Probably both. The streak of sickness seems like it could be meaningful, but after listening to that Pinker book on Violence, It seems more like it could simply be random events. As it’s been pointed out, true randomness will appear to be purposeful clusters.

The rest of the night is spent relaxing, taking meds, and finishing Gone girl. Dexter joined us to watch some Last Week Tonight before hitting the hay.

Loving Pepto, whisk me away to sleep.

Words of the Day
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