Day 134 - Some News

Monday, June 20th, 2016
Smog Level: 0/3 Mountains

Cardio Commitment

After much procrastinating, I hit the gym and do my first day of HIIT - High Intensity-Interval Training. How I don’t miss it. Today is also the absolute worst day to start: It's smoggy as all get out, it's hot, and very humid. To boot, the gym appears to be saving money on AC by shutting the door to the bike room. I did a short spurt, and was drenched after 25 minutes.

Ready to get to school, I’m stepping on the elevator when Tad messaged me: Did you hear the news?

Breaking News

What news? MADO is closing? Nope, apparently “we’re living together, and it’s final.” Well, that throws a wrench in the works I had been thinking. I shoot Dan a message, since he turns out to be the one planning the housing situation. He’s reasonable and agrees to my request to let me move into the spare room in Dexter’s apartment. It’s said to be nice, and Dexter had agreed. Win-win, "crisis" averted. But first, before I commit, I need to actually see the apartment after school.

It’s hot today. So damn hot. I can’t stop sweating unless under the direct influence of an AC vent. It’s not so much the heat as the humidity, and I haven’t been able to stop sweating since I did cardio. One of the reasons I wanted to get more fit was the misguided aim to be able to sweat less. I sweat so damn much. Why? Thanks to a little physical law called..

The Square-Cube Law

Simply put, as the size of something goes up, the volume increases much faster than the surface area. Imagine a balloon that you’re blowing up. When it’s empty, the volume is small and the area is likewise. As you start blowing it up, the inside increases at the rate of a cube (itself x itself x itself) while the surface area increases by a rate of a square (itself x itself). How does this relate back?

Random Ornament
We can only give off heat from our skin - our surface area. The reason humans aren’t bigger than they are is because we would die from overheating (among several other reasons). Ever noticed how the biggest animals are in the water? Whale’s literally cook themselves when they’re beached. I’m big, covered in hair, and not a stick.

I had hoped that muscle would act as a moderator. Nope, muscle generates most of our heat. I was hoping that cardio would make your body become more efficient and learn to function without as much sweat. Nope - you just become more efficient at sweating. Losing fat is the only real option, and even then I’ll still be #ForeverASweatyMess. Gotta embrace it, I guess.

School Success

As for school, I've pushed the kids to finish off their reading groups, which means no more reading. It's not quite over yet, but I look forward to that day. Saves me from two different kinds of pains in the neck: the kids trying to avoid reading, and looking down. But how will I get my fill of inane, pointless stories? Woe, woe.

But hey, school is coming to a close! And I found out that we’ll be getting our travel stipend probably next week sometime! That makes Japan and Cambodia that much more manageable, fund-wise. 


Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
Read (out loud)

Read (silently; also "to see")

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