Day 148 - Tons of Tones

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Daytime Romance

Mild cold has finally packed his things, but is lingering for breakfast. I wake up without an alarm 15min after I planned. Josh has moved out, so it’s just me and the bugs. So romantic; It's nice having the place to ourselves. 

Write, gym, school in sweltering 35°C heat. My god, it’s alright when it’s a dry roast, but when you throw the humidity in with the 30+ weather, it is unbearable to have to wear pants to work. Just a sweat factory where your product isn't marketable. If you're good at doing something, never do it for free... but who will buy sweat?*

Mandarin Misconception

While trying to learn the word for ‘mail,’ I stumble across a few other variants of the terms that have such wide flung meanings. Here’s what I found:

You jian” [yo jee-ann] and some of it’s forms:

  • Yóu Jiàn is mail
  • Yòu jiān is seducing someone into "unlawful sex"
  • Yōu jiān is to be extremely worried. 

Keep that straight, would you?

The School's Garden
Remember: Gardens only grow vegetables. Never flowers.

While I still am almost useless in mandarin, I’m still amazed that I’m somehow able to remember the tones for most of the words. For tricky words, I tend to use a couple memory mnemonic systems, but most words now are easy enough to just factor in. Family, for instance, is simply “home people” or fridge is “ice box.”

I’m not looking forward to moving, as they want me to do it before the school year is out. Tomorrow is my last day.

Facial Progression

I had shaved my beard for today so that I had some goatee. I feel like a younger, better-looking, more suave version of my dad. *cough* Yeah, not something I like. But, let’s see how the kids react.

Nothing. I got absolutely nothing. Only from my coteachers and friends, who hardly noticed that the beard had been trimmed down. Tomorrow, the plan is to have a mustache, and then Wednesday was to be clean shaven. But wait! The second grade has some sort of swimming competition, so no class on Wednesday!

Oh well, mustache last day.

*Either I am terrible at writing, or I actually don't believe that phrase. Why not both?

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
jiā rén
[jee-ah zrhen]

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