Day 150 - Roundtrips and Coffee

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016
175 AQI

They're seemingly nonsensical use of a giant, fake bird to go from one long pavement strip to another. Sometimes the prices seem to go up or down without too much explanation.

New Bedroom. There's another
2-3 tiles toward the wall to the right.
Example: Saturday is much more expensive than Thursday, by like ¥1600. That's over $300 CAD. A 3h flight for $300 on Thursday, or $500+ on Saturday.. Hmm. Usually Saturday is cheaper because people leave on Friday and return on Sunday. Who leaves on a Saturday? Then again, all bets are off because it's summer vacation. Shǔ Jià (summer vacation).

Roundtrips and Coffee

Having moved, the gym is now a 40 minute walk, round trip. Cardio: Check. This new café cropped up near my new apartment and (I hope) I got a new latte. Newness. Nice digs. Small catch: they keep leading middle-aged businessmen into the back room, followed shortly after by a hard, dull “thwack” every so often. 

...And Impeccable Security!
The cafe itself is kind of set up like a nice rec room. There’s an entertainment center covering one wall with a ~35” TV, books and small statues adorning each side of the display. The wall to it’s immediate left has a map of the world with locations, each known for their coffee. The ceiling has mostly abstract paintings, but the odd scenic landscape, a cow, and some flowers. Then there’s the floor; it's covered in a rustic-looking ‘wood’ laminate that has, of all things, random license plates and signs to do with travel. The menu is entirely written in Chinese. Default to the standards: nátiě (latte), kāfēi (coffee)… and, uh, chá (tea)? Haha, probably not.

The staff bathes me in luxury. She defferentially offers me a bowl of grapes before backing away slowly, never breaking her gaze until she disappears behind the counter. Totally normal. 

The seats are comfortable, and it has a clean bathroom complete with a western toilet. The price is on par with Maan, so… seems like I’ve found my place to regular. Later, I am brought a glass of water. I could get used to this.


Part of me is assuming that this is just a long weekend and that I’ll be back to work again tomorrow. It’s strange to have this much time off. Not only do I have smooth sailing until the 30th, but I also have an additional 22 day off after that. That’s 6 weeks off, plus some odd days. 

Time to make some goals and figure out what the hell I want to accomplish in the meantime. Maybe I’ll write a book.

Tomorrow will be more eventful and entertaining, I can say that with certainty. Mainly because this has all already happened.*

*And not in some mystical sense, but I literally have insider knowledge about the future.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]

Editing Music
Action Cat
Gerard Way
(I mainly just like the name of this one)

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