Day 126 - Work and Play

Sunday, June 12th, 2016
Smog Level: Too Sick to Care

3 Day Work Week; 6 Day Work Week

It's Sunday. I have to work.

Like I explained the Chinese base their holidays on the Lunar calendar, which means the days can randomly drop on days in the middle of the week. Dragon boat fell on thursday, so they took sunday and threw it to friday. Thursday to Saturday off; work Sunday to Friday

Because I was sick last month for a week, I lost money. The Director offered to give me a few shifts this weekend because of their plan to go to Japan. I accepted, and work particularly long days today and tomorrow. Wonderful.

Cramping, Feverish, and Sweaty

I’m operating at 65%. I drag myself to work to improvise the class I picked up. I probably could have dropped it if I wanted, but it would cause my bosses some headaches. I'd rather take the pain than pass it on. Plus, hey, money.

The class is grade 3. They’re significantly bigger than my kids. Crazy how much one year can do. Their English hasn't advanced as much as I would have guessed, but they're cute all the same. I have the same coteacher as one of my classes, which makes it easier. 


There's a 3 hour break between classes, much more than enough for lunch, so I head to the lounge and work on my laptop while propping myself up with what’s left of my western medicine stores. I catch one of the cafe girls looking at me several times this time. Odd because she normally doesn't do that. 

Miserable Lunch

The illness kicking up a notch while I try stuffing the milder, less greasy options in me. The AC is turned up high and the fever is in full gear, so I feel like I'm freezing. Upside: Joseph said he was getting the rid if his old clothes. His running has made him shed a few sizes and some might fit me. I am hurting for new clothes; I’ve only bought one shirt since I arrived, and you can only pack so much.

Gym Class, I guess
Afternoon class goes back and forth between intense stomach cramps and drug-induced periods of pseudo-health. I make it home and pass out for an hour before heading to game night. Maybe I should've canceled, but I figure I'm on the upswing anyway.

[Game On]

Things Bazaar

We’re still in the Bazaar. Some of the players aren’t here, so it’s just me, the fire wizard, bug monk, drow paladin, and Flint, the dragon-man paladin, back for another guest appearance.

The bazaar has closed for their 2 day festival, which means we can’t buy anything. Shitty. But hey, free alcohol, and they pass out money to all the vendors. As they’re about to pass out the money, they discover that it’s missing. Surprise!

There are three main camps in the bazaar: dark dwarves, gnomes, and drow (dark elves). No one trusts the drow, and they immediately get blamed. Obviously we have to do something to solve this, particularly since there’s a reward involved. Also, I want to buy things and the whole place turning into a civil war would mess that up. I go to the beer tent and start chatting up the gnomes and dwarves.


The group reconvenes and we find that no one is happy with their current leadership -particularly the second in commands. One of them happens to come in while we’re drinking that night, and I follow him with the bug monk. Invisible, of course.

There was an art competition for school mascots, the top three are on the
right poster, while the left seem to be examples of students for ads? Not sure.
We find him enter a cave to the west of the bazaar right before our invisibility wore off. As it does so, a giant boulder comes to life and attacks. Nope! The bug man grabs me and flies us back to town. Flee! Flee!

We regroup and head out immediately. The fire wizard is hella drunk, so bugman makes an anti-poison, which magically makes her sober up. Technically, alcohol is poison. Why else is it called inTOXicated? Taking liberties with science, huzzah!

Controlled Demolition

We blow the rock thing apart, make our way carefully past some traps, and find the chest with all the gold in it. Of course, we extract it and hide it near town while the rest of the team goes and negotiates with the second in commands. We figure a) they might be better leaders, b) we don’t really care who leads them, and c) we could probably talk them into ceasing the slave trade in the bazaar. Minor victories. We succeed in that, and get 25% of the money they took. The old leaders were executed, and everyone seemed happy.

Business will resume at 9pm that day. In other words, the next game session.

[Game Off]

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]

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