Day 112 - Sunday Gameday

Sunday, May 29th, 2016
Smog Level: 3/3 Mountains

Early Tutoring

1:20am sleep, 8:30 wake up to meet my tutoring student, Fluffy, for her lesson. It’s good to have some pocket money coming in. I’m starting to get into a groove with her, where I bribe her with pictures of animals in between trying to read and learn new words. Easy-to-deliver bribes work well.

Less Gym, More Time

I don’t go to the gym today. After some time off, you’ll find that your first days back will get you more sore than usual. It’s amazing how much time I have when I cut the gym out of the day, and you start super early. Take a nap, catch up on writing (finally), and fix a couple things on the blog.

-You can now access the idea posts from the top or the side menus
-The Facebook, Instagram, and twitter buttons on the top right actually go somewhere!

Tutoring Lesson Notes
For both of those, I’m fairly certain they may not affect you if you’re used to viewing from your phone. I also was able to sound hound a few Chinese songs. They really have their ballads down, man. Real heart-wrenching melodies, I’ll give them that.

[Sunday Gameday]

Since I was sick last session, I missed out on the rest of that strange series of trials that we were going through. Instead, the next room had a “trial” where one of us had to step into a portal and disappear. That was me, who then was offered some cards by some strange man, given the warning that some would be fantastic, but some could straight-up kill me. Pass. Magically, I'm back in town. The rest of the party doesn’t show up for 2 days, giving me enough time to see some events coming regarding our bard friend.

I identify the stuff I found in the dungeon: a staff that made my magic stronger, a magic peg leg, and a couple other things. I had picked up a golden teapot which turned out to be solid gold, not magical. Well, that’s 300 moneys, and that’ll go a long way.

Saving the Bard from Himself

A perma-on light in my building's hallway.
Advertisement everywhere. Luckily, I can't read it.
Our friend, the bard, was accused of stealing the wedding rings from the queen, among many other discretions. Heh. Well, the thieves guild wanted to get rid of the minister of finance who, even despite being implicated in the Drow invasion, was only stripped of his title, but maintained his freedom. I don’t like him either, and I need to get these rings off of me so that I don’t go down with the bard’s ship. Time to kill two birds with one stone: I give the rings to the guild to plant on the minister’s property, clearing my friend of those charges and lining the minister up for execution.

The rest of the party pulled together and did what they could to free the bard from his charges, resulting in a lowering of sentencing from execution to banishment. We had 24h to leave. We celebrated by using alchemical fireworks (cold), allow the drunk, halfling wizard to throw them wherever he wanted. That's me.

Part of the deal of releasing the bard was that someone had to take responsibility for him. He is banished for a year and a day, then must return within the following 6 months to publicly apologize. If he fails to return, they will loose some assassins on him and his caretaker. That would be me.


When the party had returned, I found out that they had almost released a demon, but because I wasn’t there, a key item had been lacking. The item happened to be the green-handled knife that I was obsessed with, and still carrying. We tried to destroy it at the local shrine, but they were no use. They did point us to a town we needed to go to, which happened to be in the newly-inherited Keep of the Bug Monk. He pulled from the deck 3 times and won twice. His loss means he is more likely to die in a variety of ways. Fun!

Leaving Town, Finally

I paid my dues and said farewell to the local chapter of the thieves guild, who gave me a scroll to deliver, also in the town right near the keep.

The Streets at 1am on a Sunday Night
One final new thing: we saved a non-evil Drow from the jail cells, also charged with escorting him out of town. This is a new player, Aaron, who joined this week.

The Bug Monk recalled that we had come to this part of town for a reason… oh right, we were escorting some dwarf-ish guy. Rushing around to find the guy, he’s waiting at the gate and ready to go. We have a royal salute from some guards, and are honorably seen off.

We wander through the darkness of the smugglers tunnel that the thieves guild had directed me through. Along the way, we fought two displacers - cougars with tentacles, and the ability to become harder to see/hit. We dispatched them and stole their baby. We’re totally not evil, trust me.

Smuggler's Bazaar

We finished off in the Smugglers Bazaar, a giant, half-mile long bazaar underground where you can buy almost anything you want. The other wizard and druid found a “Blink Lynx” which they really wanted, and really wanted them. We did some trickery and favors, getting the Lynx for much cheaper than they initially priced it.

The Final things that happened were the bard went to Fast Eddie’s to buy a magical crossbow, and was taxed with the job to set fire to Quick Edwards. The Paladin Drow went to Quick Edwards and wanted a magical bastard sword, taxed with the job of burning down Fast Eddies. They were just passing in the street when the session came to a close.

[Game Over]

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
Work Out
duàn liàn
[do-ahn lee-ann]
Jìan shēn fáng
[je-ann shen fah-ng]
Literally: "Work out" "room", though this "work out" is not as used anymore

Editing Music
I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spinlight

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