Day 105 - Chinese Wedding Report

Sunday, May 22th, 2016
Smog Level: 3/3 Mountains

McDonald's and Stomach Viruses

I’m finally starting to get my legs back under me. I now see the value of Mcdonald’s (or equivalent) food: it’s great for a stomach illness. If you’re not sure if you can keep food down, but want to risk it - Mcdonald’s!

Keep it down, you get a lot of calories that can be put toward fighting the illness. Puke it up? Hey, you’re ruining future appetites for a food no one should be eating, anyway! Win-win. This could be the beginnings of a great new McDonald’s campaign. *cough*

Chinese Wedding

Part of the Groom's Trials
Shimou has been a great help the past couple days, ordering me food, and doing what she can to ease the situation. This weekend is her cousin’s wedding, which means she has engagements with them to help set up.

I really wish I could have gone. Seeing another culture’s wedding is probably a really cool experience. Shimou’s also the maid of honor. But, no go, I’m still feverish, though I’m able to retain both food and liquids.


Here is the major difference I’ve learned about Chinese weddings: It doesn’t last all day.

Unlike in the West, where you go to the ceremony, take a break, and meet at the reception, continuing into the night… here, it seems they get together for the ceremony early in the day, around 9 or 10am, then have a big lunch reception… then it’s over. The bride and groom then go to their new house / residence, and do whatever it is that newly-weds do. It doesn’t sound like as much fun as Western ones, but don't knock it till you try it.

Another difference is that the bride and groom must go from table to table throughout the lunch - and drink at each table. Shimou said that it would probably be lethal amounts of alcohol, which is why they switch water in for some of the clear alcohol.

Final one she reported is that the Groom must go through many trials to reach his bride in their bedroom after the reception - the more trials he goes through, the better their luck is said to be. The trials are set up by the wedding party and immediate families. They can make him sing, go through small obstacle courses, ambush him... whatever they deem acceptable is fair game. Some of the men physically tackled him to the ground and stole the red envelopes (special envelopes used to give money) from him before letting him pass. Probably not the easiest when you're blackout drunk.

Here’s hoping I can make the next one, a couple months away, when Shimou’s other friends are getting hitched.

In The Apartment

Later, Shimou returned and we tried to leave the house for food. Knock fast food all you will, but at least I know the western brands have a respectable level of standards for their operations, and I probably won’t get food poisoning.

I am stared at in KFC, wearing a shirt I’ve been living in for the past day or two, sweating for no apparent reason. All whilst I gaze into the middle-distance, trying to eat fried chicken. 

I'm a glorious sight to be had.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
Mài Dāng Láo
[my d-ah-ng L-ow]

Editing Music

Exogenesis Part III

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