Day 104 - Sickness and Pokemon

Saturday, May 21st, 2016
Smog Level: 3/3 Mountains


Pokemon. You probably don’t think about them much, but my life throughout the last night - mixed with delirious dreams - have made me empathize with them. Don’t worry, I’ll tie it in, but first, let’s examine the life of a captured pokémon.

...and Pokémon

Pokemon, in that universe, are basically super-powered animals. How mankind had ever managed to develop society, technology, or superiority over nature is baffling. But, apparently they did, and they maintain their edge with theeeee pokéball. You beat the crap out of one of these animals, then, when they’re vulnerable, you chuck the ball at them and it captures them - indefinitely.


So what then? Well, either the animal is put into heavy rotation - fighting an endless cycle of cockfights for the sake and honor of their “trainer” - or put into the reserves. This means they’re put into storage.

Which is worse?

Both sound pretty terrible, but it depends on what happens to the animal’s consciousness when they’re inside the ball. There are two options: they’re either conscious or they’re not. If they’re conscious, maybe it’s like a luxury hotel. If they’re unconscious, then it’s probably like going to sleep.

If conscious, and then put into storage, then they’re basically in eternal jail until the system fails or they.. age and die? If they’re in heavy rotation, at least they get breaks to relax and recover between their fights. They get to unwind, play some games, do whatever they do.

Alternatively, if they’re unconscious, then it’s like a constant cycle of “Fight!” blackout “Fight!” blackout. Every waking moment is being put into the arena of pain. Imagine being a bare knuckle boxer who, after every fight, was immediately put into a coma, only to be woken again when the next fight starts. Have you had time to heal? Hey, maybe! But then again, maybe not.

Relating It Back

Well, I feel very much like the heavy-rotation, unconscious fighter. Sleep for X amount of time, wake up to have a painful battle in the bathroom. Repeat until daybreak, or until I can keep enough drugs in me to stay unconscious longer.

In summary: I see how diarrhea can be a fatal affliction.

Words of the Day
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