Day 120 - Sick, Again

Monday, June 6th, 2016
Smog Level: 0/3 Mountain


I’m up! I’m ready! It’s 9am and I’m good to go! I jump out of bed, make my morning shake and coffee, and get to editing. Finally able to get to the gym and back on schedule after eating and drinking garbage this weekend! Huzzah!*

This was in response to Aurora asking where
I was on Campus.
A Flattering for Both of Us
...Into a Brick

“But wait!” my GI tract says “I have a surprise for you, so you may want to hold off.” Damn you, Chinese food. Shimou thinks I’m getting weaker because the food’s affecting me like this lately. Honestly, as I’ve said before, It’s surprising it’s taken so long for these sorts of things to happen. She might be right, but part of me believes that with each additional, survived incident of illness, I become more resistant to the local bacteria. Fingers crossed, since my one of my Dad’s favorite warnings about coming to China was some businessman he knew that got sick with something he ate, and died. Not joking, I've heard that story at least 5 times. I’m sure it happens occasionally, but a middle-aged businessman who likely didn’t exercise regularly** may be a just a tiiiiny bit more susceptible. Again, fingers crossed.

They had a piano recital or something of the sort
Either way, No gym. Damn it.

Pepto, Hold the Line!

I’m wondering whether I should toss the dice and go to work or take another day off. My desire to avoid losing more money overrides precaution, and I down some of the remaining pepto. Time to push through the sweats that have begun to signal a fever. Here’s hoping this internal septic dam holds until classes are over.

Circle Boy

On my way to the bus stop, I pass a little boy waddling along. He appearance is circular in theme.*** He's eating a popsicle and staring at the ground while it melts down his hand, onto his school uniform. The image of the boy stood out to me for whatever reason. Seems like a jolly kid who had no cares in the world. It seems like that sort of mentality fades as you get older, but I know some really calm, mind-at-peace adults. I think getting back to that would be a reasonable, worthwhile goal. Why should children - and only the lucky ones at that - have mental peace and the air of being carefree?

It lookslike a watch, but smells like lime.
That's it, no further function.
After eating the fairly bad lunch (low-swing by the caf’s standards), I hung out with Bunny in the teacher’s lounge. Tad stops by and invites me to “Chinese Canteen,” this restaurant right next to Maan Coffee that has decent priced, good food, and good beer. Rain check.


Classes go well enough, though by the end of the second one, I’m not sure what the internal rumblings mean, and jet to the nearest western toilet. Praise be, the dam held, and the sickness in general seems to have blown over. Awesome, since this is another 3 day week, and I don’t want the reputation of taking days off every time we have a partial week.

Also: today is the 4 month mark and I’ve yet to have to use a squatty potty. That’s one definition of success! I relax the rest of the night with some yoshinoya (¥38 / ~8 CAD/ ~6 USD) for dinner, sans sauce.
I still have no idea what it was I could have eaten this time.

*I only ever say "huzzah" in written form
**Hooray Stereotypes!
***Much like the old man from "Up" is square-themed like so.

Words of the Day
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