Day 106 - Travel Glam

Monday, May 23th, 2016
Smog Level: 3/3 Mountains

Testing the Limits

I’m out of water and the only money I have is a fake ¥50 someone passed me.

Last night, I thought I was fine until I left the apartment and started walking around, only to discover that I.. really was not. Here’s a second attempt, since water is one of the main things recovery needs.

Again, I think I’m perfectly fine. When you get immersed in a show, lying in bed, you think “yeah man, I'm cool right now.” But when you wander outside and find yourself having walked too far, passing the bank you’ve been to several times before… well… it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Things I missed: An amazing sunset and
a very visible rainbow. No regrets.
(Stolen from Wechat)
Broken Bathroom Dependence

At least the sporadic, urgent need for the bathroom have become further and fewer, so I can likely teach tomorrow, but the sweats and delirium stay. I can probably teach through that. Hell, I’ve done more grueling jobs through that. But in case this is just a brief break in the storm - like what happened in Australia after Indonesia* - I’m going to err on the side of caution and take one more day.

This means I’ve been off for a solid week now. I’m really hoping my school doesn’t think I’m faking anything.

The Fake ¥50

And while wandering, I think about the ethics of what to do with this fake ¥50. Locals can tell a fake bill better than a foreigner, of course. Sometimes they don’t notice when they’ve been passed one and then have to try to pass it off so that they aren’t the ones who got screwed. Who better to pass it to than a foreigner?

To be fair, it’s easier for me to make back fairly quickly, but still.. no one likes losing money for no reason. So here’s the question: knowingly try to pass off the bill and keep this thing in circulation, or bite the bullet and keep it as a shitty souvenir? Shimou had tried using it twice, and both times it got rejected. She said that the color and texture of the paper are both off. 

Guess the option has been made for me. 

*Turned out to be a GI-tract infection. Got better after 3 days, then was hit just as hard as the first day. If you enjoy hearing about my suffering and the joys that travelling can sometimes bring, check out the Australian Post here.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
jiǎ de
[jee-ah duh]
zhēn de
[jen duh]

Editing Music

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