Day 122 - Goodbye, Eloise!

Oh! Hello, Northbridge!
August 7th, 2015

Shimou makes breakfast this time while I scramble to get through a Bali post, since they're really, really long. And this is cutting them down and not including everything in great detail! I just barely get through the one today, add the pictures, and push back my time to meet up with Australian Eloise at 10 to the time I'm supposed to meet her, Lee and Shimou jump in the car and are ready to go. Lee needs to stop one place for a quoted 10 minutes, which turns into 45. Lucky Eloise is a patient one.

Mighty Fine Steed, Churro-San
Jump to Northbridge, we meet up back where it first began: in front of the museum and the state library. She’s already eating her sorbet, just like when I first met her, and I decide this ice cream isn't worth it. She says she knows a better place, and away we go!

We're walking and talking about politics, gender, business, and a girl I knew who passed by without saying hello. I notice that we seem to be walking longer than expected and ask if we passed it. We did! But it was closed, being replaced by another ice cream and waffle place. San Churros it is!

The place has some great branding, but their staff is wanting. They told us to take a seat, and would be out to take our order, but then didn't come to take our order for 20 minutes. Then forgot part of the order, though it was on the bill*. All of this would be forgivable if they were busy, but they were relatively empty. Whatever, we weren't in a rush. We left for me to check off another thing on my list…

Art right next to Pica
Returning the money to The Grid! We walked by, spotting Rod, the owner, through the window. I apologized to him and asked if he was ok with me just dropping cash for him. Eloise told me to just take it and run, as I’d cause more of a hassle for them in the long run, and someone is going to get in trouble for the mistake. It doesn't matter, I have to do it anyway. Besides, I had already told them. She gave up and let me collect the cash, then return it. Rod gave me a rousing thank you, and we were on our way, slightly poorer.

After hanging out for several hours, my ride was leaving. I walked her to the bus stop to find out my ride had already left, leaving me to wait with her until her bus came, which didn't. She eventually got impatient and called a cab. We said our farewells, and I hoofed it to the train station.

Eloise trying to ruin the picture I was taking of the statue
Back home, I laid with Shimou listening to some of my favourite songs. It’s not hard to build an amazing playlist when the person you're showing has never heard any of these Western hits. Think about all your favourite songs and #1 songs you've heard throughout your life and realize that some people haven't even heard 25% of them. “We will rock you” was playing on a Chinese movie, and I asked if they knew the song. They didn’t. I'm a little envious of that because it’s so easy to make them a playlist that'll knock it out of the park!

After a while of that, I listen to the rest of “The Obstacle is the Way” while playing a game, then switch to standup comedy. While wasting time like this, I realize that I haven’t actually written anything for the past 3 days - only edited. Shit. The work is piling up, forcing me to short-form list all of the major events of the past half week before turning in.

*Thanks to Eloise for paying for this. Very Generous and appreciated.


  1. I LOOK LIKE I AM ALL CHIN. jeez dude, terrible PR.

    1. It's been scientifically proven that you are, in fact, 95% chin. True fact.