Day 116 - Delirium Ensues

I don't remember what this picture was supposed to be,
but it sums up how I felt that day.
August 1st, 2015

There is no springing out of bed. Not today. The fever was back all night, becoming a pendulum between chattering teeth and a sweaty marinate. Time for the doctor. Damn it. I’d really rather not spend any more money, especially after Bali.

Slowly shower, slowly get dressed, and slowly walk to the train like a delirious elderly man who keeps receiving random pulses of dizziness or invisible forces poking him. I’m sweating from the very slight effort of strolling *800m. Can't wait to get back in the gym.

$5 Milkshakes
At the train station, I am forced to wait 15 minutes with footie hooligans all drinking beer, dressed up with no apparent theme, going to the **Sunday game. Lucky for me, they're not taking the same train. Theirs arrives only a few minutes before mine. I hate people right now. Misanthropy engaged.

I realize that it’s none of their faults, and that the problem is me. They don’t know I’m currently very uncomfrotable/pained, and yet I still want all of them to get the hell away from me. No such luck, since the train is so packed that I'm forced to stand, huddled around the entrance. Don’t touch me. Or do touch me. I don't even know if I'm contagious yet.

I see the same Doc from before, who is just as calming as the first time. He says it’s not dengue fever, which sometimes happens in Bali, and that it’s most likely a bacterial infection in my GI tract. Well, so long as it’s not going to kill me, I'll be taking my meds and getting the hell out of here, but thank you all the same. Here is your $100. 

At the pharmacy, I'm steadily degrading from when I first left the house. Based on other people’s reactions and expressions, they can tell something is wrong with me, but who knows if they just think I'm crazy. I'm beyond caring - just get me out of here. Upside: through all this endeavour, the insane diarrhea has not returned. Small victories, amirite? Pay the $65 for meds. Antibiotics, check; anti-inflammatory, check; codeine-based painkillers?! check. Whatever man, so long as it helps me get through this. I pop them, not noticing I’m doing so right in front of the rail police. Who cares.

I’d rather avoid addictive painkillers and antibiotics in general, but beggars can't be choosers. Bring on the healing. I learned that I’m not contagious unless people get, uh, extremely intimate. Good, now I don’t feel as bad clumsily pushing my way onto yet another crowded train. Home, eat, more pills, and fall unconscious for several hours.

Tonight they’re having a party at the old share house for Assia’s birthday, and German Amy’s going away. Guess who’s going! That’s right! Not this guy!

I'm done for the night.

*I looked it up
**It's actually Saturday, but I left that inconsistency because it reflects my state of mind

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