Day 111 - Market Misadventures

July 27th, 2015
Rediscovered that my phone does have panarama
Back pool area, with the back right area leading to a ravine.
Surprise! Breakfast!
Life is Good. Waking up naturally at 10 because of habit and sunlight flowing in through the sheer blinds. I was thinking that we should change places tonight because this one wasn't the best (no kitchen private or drinking water in the room) but changed my mind when I realized that they prepare breakfast and coffee on demand. Banana crepes, omelet, and coffee? Don't mind if I do. I explored more of the place while we waited for the cab, finding a better view of the pool lounging area at the back. Very agreeable.

The only goals for today were babi guling, massage, and checking out some shops. Turns out that babi guling closes at 3ish, and we are still full from the unexpected brunch. Tomorrow is our last chance to get some of that sweet, sweet pig.

I find masks interesting.
Thanks, Zelda.
This artwork was what made me book it
Shops, shops, shops. I had some practice bartering for things of which I was only mildly interested. Shimou told me I was terrible, but wouldn't help or demonstrate, so I'm betting she's just as bad. Some of the shopkeepers were quite aggressive, not letting you talk with anyone but them. One went as far as to continually say "hello, hey, hello" over and over (like Navi from Ocarina of Time) when I turned away to ask Shimou if she had seen enough. My self-imposed training in clubs has helped immensely with ignoring this sort of thing. To me, it's not rude to ignore someone who is being rude in their attempts to gain your attention. I also think that caving to such behaviour teaches them both that it works and is acceptable. As for bartering, one trick is bundling. I wanted these metal figurines of animals, which I got him down to 50k rupiah each, but ended up getting two for that price when bought with Shimou's dress. Thanks, Shimou!

Spas galore in the area surrounding the main market in Ubud. I thought $35 AUD for an hour was cheap, but here an hour massage ranges between $6 and $13. After receiving a rather disappointing shave for $3 (an electric trimmer, boo), I wasn't sure what to expect for the massage quality. This time around the masseuse was male. I have to say I'm more partial to them (now) because they're a bit firmer, and these knots won't undo themselves.

A little oily and a lot relaxed, we grabbed some 2-for-1 happy hour cocktails at this open-air restaurant called Legend Cafe. The food was decent, but nothing to write home about other than being one of the cheaper places we found. Tipsy and full, we stop at an ATM and cab back to the hotel. I have to edit two posts because I realized I had undershot my goal of publishing 2 a day while away, and I am determined to keep up with it. We drink a few more beers in the mean time, then swim in the pool at night. I did the opposite of what Hemingway suggested: I wrote sober, and edited drunk.

I jumped in the pool, tipsily forgetting about my glasses. Coming up for air, I shook the excess water off my head, along with my glasses. There were no lights around the pool, leaving me to carefully wander back and forth in the pool while Shimou tried to get her flashlight working. What an enjoyable farce.

Note: didn't write during the day, productivity down due to drowsiness and eating poorly
Bonus of the Ubud Palace
(They start to bleed together)

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