Day 117 - Stink Cloud Suffering

Note: Unrelated pics, there's not usually
much to see during these games.
August 2nd, 2015

Today is the second last game day! They moved it just for little ol’ me, saying they didn't want to finish our current campaign without me. I'm honored, especially considering my character was mostly useless until recently.

I gather my things and make pancakes from scratch. Shimou and Co. have only ever tasted the bottled ones. I told them it was probably cheaper - and better - to do it make them from scratch, so here I am. I'm not actually sure it would be cheaper, but generally buying pre-made, smaller servings is more expensive per serving. I haven’t done the math - sue me.

I pop my pills and make sure to bring them with me. This is going to be a bit of a test to see if I can make it through a 6 hour game session without problems. Please be the correct antibiotics! Please work against this particular strain! And please, for the love of god, don't be allergic!

I feel normal, yet I can't stop sweating. I mentally attribute it to the pills so that I can continue forward. Remember, two-part theory of emotion: half of it is physiological response, half is mental interpretation. Hijack it if you can muster the will. I catch the train, then the BlueCAT, and meet Andrew at the usual pickup place. I figure it’s no less convenient for him, and it only costs me about $2.50.

Enter the Cackling Realm (Warning: Geekdom (more so than usual)):

Brief recap from before: Our boss that hired us betrayed us, we kicked his ass, captured him, and handed him off to a rival gang lord who wanted him. We were unsure about ownership of the gambling hall of which we were part-owners. While waiting on the results, we decided to explore the parts of the hall we had yet to check out. Found a trapped door, a giant boar, a hidden trapdoor, and a cavern beneath. We had just killed a few lizard-folk and electric rock... things and were about to explore further. This is where we began.

Our resident fishman started swimming around the pool of "water" in the centre of the room. He finds a chest full of treasure and pulls it up, triggering a trap of some undead pirate. Feels like Pirates of the Carribean. We dog pile the guy, and he does way more damage by himself than we had expected. One of his attacks stole a full level from one of us, potentially permanently. OooOOkay, stay the hell out of his range. After knocking his skull off, our big fish is down. We don't have a tank. It’s okay! It’s okay! We can keep going!

We heal as best we can, but most of my spells have been used up for the day. All our other fights generally lasted one or two waves, then we'd be done for the day. Each time, I had saved all my really powerful ones because I can only use them 3 times a day. This time I went all out and dominated, only to find out that the fights just keep rolling. On the upside, we found treasure. Note to all adventurers, real life or otherwise: don't try to make money the conventional way. It seems to be a suckers game.

We scout ahead in the tunnel to find these extremely venomous violet fungi that will melt the flesh off your bones in seconds, and are about human size and mobility. Uh, pass. Half our team is convinced that covering themselves in the fungi’s-former-master’s entrails (the lizard people) will help them sneak past it, knowing full well that the fungi only sense with some shitty vision, and vibrations. The fish, gunman’s dog (who is down), and I are not so convinced. We get them to levitate us and pull us through the tunnel using one creatures intestines. We're nothing if not efficient. Uh, sometimes.

On the other side, we find our objective: this dark elf chick with a couple of those stupid lizard guys, and two demons. We convince her that she’s surrounded and that she should leave. She agrees, offering to give us a ring in return for not taking her to her ransomer. I'm down with that. 

...But wait, no one else is. Fight! It starts and the demons immediately fart. Rather, they cast stink cloud which makes it so we can't see more than 5 feet and everyone in the cloud is nauseated, meaning they can't do anything but move. I’m lucky, as my starting position was just outside the radius of the cloud. I stand there and twiddle my thumbs, waiting for the cloud to clear. There’s one hall into the chamber, and it's filled with noxious gas. They're getting owned, but I'll just be more collateral damage if I run in blindly. Sorcerer Ryan joins me and we high-five until the fight comes our way. One of the demons gets me good, nearly taking me down in one attack. After some farcicle effort, we put down the two demons. The giant fart dissipates, along with our target. Whatever, at least she’s gone. We now fully own the tavern and 4/5 of us decide to keep it. Awesome.

I wish I could keep joining these guys, but I don't see that being possible. I really enjoyed this group, and have never had a game run this long or with people who actually wanted to put the effort in.

During the game itself, there was a brief period between doses where the first had worn off and the second was yet to be kick in. I was feeling frosty, even with their heater. Other than that, I wasn't able to eat much of the host’s, Joel, girlfriend’s dinner she prepared for us. What I had was good, but my appetite has been garbage lately.

While we ate dinner, Bryan and Ryan had told me about Steven Universe, which was a new show in-line with Adventure Time and midway through it’s second season. They said it was fantastic, and gave it to me on thumb drive. Now I have something to slowly eat through with my down time during travel! Hoorah. I should probably save a good chunk of it for the flight to China which is less than a month away.

Andy gave me a ride to the train station, and I hopped on the night train back to Shenton Park. I decided I should alternate between podcasts and audiobooks while walking because podcasts, while are informative, they don't come to the same climax that books often do. Podcasts are often like chapters of a book by themselves, but don’t build on one another. One podcast I'd highly recommend is Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. His series on the Mongols (“Wrath of the Khans”) is fantastic. Anyway, I'm switching gears to a book suggested by German Nadja: The Art of Non-Conformity.

After some mindless gaming while listening to the book, I switched to a handful of episodes of Steven Universe. Bryan was right, the show is amazing from the first episode onward. For some reason, it makes me want to get back into drawing.

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