Day 119 - Pannucakku Surprise

August 4th, 2015

Only six more days. Six more days until I leave Perth indefinitely, who knows when or if I'll be back. Here’s where a tendency to wax nostalgic is irritating. I can feel a difference between my general mood and ability to motivate myself now, compared to when I was eating a lot of meat and vegetables. I want to go back, but the situation is unstable and I'm even poorer than before. I'm stuck with making pancake variations and french toast, eating through the leftover stuff I have so that it doesn't spoil or otherwise go to waste. Hooray...

Since I’m feeling well enough to do work and haven't yet gone to the gym, I am using the unbroken time at home to consistently power through the backlogged work. I still have zilch in way of stockpiled posts. Day-by-day it is. I spent a couple hours researching how to complain about a landlord, but it’s taking me some work to get anyone I know from that share house to give me a gander at their rental agreement. At the very least, it should give me his name and phone number. I considered throwing a brick through his window, but I figure it'll just cause the residents to suffer more than him, it could potentially hurt someone. Just a little too vigilante for my liking.

People waiting for fireworks in Yokohama, courtesy of Yuzu
I considered where I felt I landed on the “good” spectrum: lawful, neutral, or chaotic. I think I'm generally neutral, which to me means following the laws when it suits me, but occasionally doing what I think is right even if the law says otherwise. Throwing a brick is too far on the “chaotic” side.

I'm sort of playing house husband right now (not really), cleaning, cooking, and picking up in the room. Tonight I said I would make Finnish Pancakes because Shimou hadn't tried them, and it had come up the night before when Thomas had made the crepes.

Our hipsters dress in full suits and waxed mustaches.
I guess this is Japan's reply.
I noticed that one of my friends had shared a post I put on Facebook, which I took to mean she was up and probably online. How about a random internet call! We talked while I fried up the Finnish pancakes one-by-one. Yeah, I know they're supposed to be baked, but you gotta use what’s on hand. Plus that seems like it would take longer.

Shimou stopped and ate not the way home, so I cried by myself, eating pancakes with real maple syrup. It doesn't seem that much different or better than the fake stuff here, strangely. Makes me question whether it’s real or if the legit stuff's just overhyped. Maybe it’s just as Canadian as me - not very.

Got a lot of work done, and finished the day by watching Steven Universe*. Such a great show!

*It's created by the chick who writes the music for Adventure Time. Also, the good links for the pilot were taken down. Apologies.. from someone else.

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