Day 115 - Grocery Madness

Oh, Ms. Poppins! How surprising!
Subiaco! Sup dooby doo
July 31st, 2015

I spring out of bed, feeling much better than the past couple days. Let's run with it! I realize that the Chinese folks I'm living with were surprisingly impressed with pancakes, so why not give french toast a go? They are less impressed. After eating, I decide it’s still best to stay away from the gym for at least another day or two, but I will go with them to the grocery store to get out of the house.

Initiate inexplicable sweats and mild delirium. The FEVER is back and I'm stuck in this damned grocery store.

The only course of action that seems like it'll get me home faster is to help navigate the grocery store as quickly as possible, fetching whatever things that feel like it'll make the process faster. It might have been the delirious haze, but I find their grocery stores follow a different logic than Canadian ones. Are the eggs refrigerated? Most of the time, it seems they are not. I wander around the aisles over and over after just doing the same process for syrup. Syrup isn't with the spreads like I expected, nor breakfast food. As for the eggs, I discover after much frustration that they are refrigerated. There is no baking aisle, seemingly ever, so sometimes it’s a toss up for sugar, flour, and other spices. Are they together? Tentative maybe. I tire of the vague labels for the aisles quickly when I'm healthy, so you can imagine how borderline angry I am after wandering with a low-grade fever and background pain. I finally manage to rest the boulder on top of the mountain, and am allowed to rest.

What's in there, boy? Drugs?
But first, I have to edit a post. I’m really cutting it close getting these things out.

Pff, this guy thinks he's cool.
Yeah. Sling that coat, you jackass/
Post nap, I eat some homemade chicken soup that Shimou made. They use very different spices. It’s still good.. just not familiar. I coordinate the Bali notes from my phone to my compiled list on my laptop, organizing them the best I can before Lee suggests we go to a Chinese movie he wants to see. Uhh… Sure? I could probably sit in a dark room for a couple hours without anything bad happening, right?

We arrive late to see this movie “Monster Hunter,” which was pretty funny at times and had some choreographed fight scenes. I had to read the subtitles and tried to listen to the words, but eventually you stop listening while you read. After the movie, we go home and I pass out once again.

So much shivering sleep.

Listening to: "Two Way Street" by Kimbra

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