Day 152 - A Singer, a Barista, and a Doctor

Sleepless in Waterloo
September 6th, 2015

Having a life in multiple timelines can be a bitch.

I’m woken up at 4:30am because Shimou is being worried by her friends whispering in her ear. It seems like they’re more traditional, and clearly have no idea who I am. They seem to be telling her that a) I’m using her, b) I will disappear without warning,* and c) that I’m a bad guy. "Bad guy" is debatable, but the other two definitely aren’t true. Constantly hearing these ideas about someone who isn’t there… well, that’s hard to defend against.

I talked to her for an hour, calmed her down, and said goodnight. Everything was cool. On her end. On mine, I’m wide awake from the conversation, and my internal clock still thinks it should be daylight. I heard somewhere that it takes 1 day for every hour of time change, which means this places me at about 5 of 12 days.

Reuben, thankfully, pushed back his pickup time by a half hour, which allowed me to get an hour more of sleep. Reuben is funny. Fantastic singer, fitness enthusiast,** tip-top waiter at The Works - all around great guy.
He was supposed to drop me at the train station, but there was enough time to stop at a friends down the street. I thanked him for the ride, and climbed the outdoor, creaky steps up to third floor to see…

Alyx is a girl I’ve known for a number of years due to a strange series of events. I met her from an ad on Facebook looking for a singer. She responded, but we never did collaborate. 3 years later, she passed me on campus, which later sparked a conversation on Facebook. It continues, disjointed like that for some time, we saw each other for a bit a couple years ago, and have been friends since. Currently, she’s living with and dating Brad, who is also an awesome dude.

The view from the London, Ontario train station
We shot the shit while walking to a nearby cafe for a makeshift breakfast. I’m very happy to be getting cheap coffee again. It’s not the same pretentiousness, but they can shove that.. somewhere else. I like the option of lattes, but not the price. ~$2 Drip, please!

Typical Chatham Street
I brought up my post on Persuasion vs Manipulation, and didn’t get much clarity from it, but they said they’d think about it and get back to me. I also brought up the idea of identity. Earlier, I had a discussion with Shimou about how it’s important to recognize what we hold as the cornerstones of our identity. For some people it’s external, for me it’s my intelligence.

Typical Chatham Sight (On the way to Tilbury from the 401)
This isn’t a good thing, as it can make you do awkward or off-putting things to get acknowledgment for that trait. After recognizing it a while back, I would find myself talking about “smart” topics with people I just met, and always seeking the deep end. I had to ask whether this was because I actually enjoyed the topic and it fit with the situation, or because I had to fill the need to make sure the other person knew I wasn’t an idiot. Why does it matter if they do?

Steve and Adeline (Fiancé)
So I tested it. I didn’t allow myself to talk about higher-level concepts or anything when first meeting people, kept it mundane or ridiculous, and would banter. I define banter as “contentless conversation,” meaning you’re not exchanging facts - just witty rapport. That can be fun, but I also found out that I actually do enjoy the more abstract, intellectual topics. Good to know that, as with everything, moderation is key. Now to keep that dog on a leash, kicking it whenever it gets out of line. My hangup, that is - not an actual dog.

I said goodbye to Alyx and Brad, catching the noon train to Chatham, Ontario. My parents were out of town, and I had to find a way to Tilbury for Steve’s PhD Grad party. Tilbury, aka Nowheresville. It’s a 30 minute drive in the country, and I don’t have a car. Luckily, Steve’s mom, Steph, works in Chatham and got off a half hour after my train pulled in. She found me sitting on a skid of mulch bags, eating straight from a box of lucky charms. Class.

The Doctor's Prize: A New Desk
Take a Dive!
Jump forward to Steve’s after catching up with Steph on the ride back. I remember how that ride would sometimes feel long, but now it feels like nothing. I’m happy that boring time slips by quickly, but I’m also horrified at the idea that time can lapse so easily. Onward!

At Steve’s doctor christening were his family, most of his fiancé’s family, me and others stragglers. I finally got to meet Steve’s nephew, The Mythical Boy himself: Wyatt. He’s 3 and this is the first time I’ve even seen the kid in person. Ehhh, memories don’t start forming until you’re 3, anyway. I also got to meet one of Steve’s lifelong friends from grade school, Cale, whom I’ve heard about for years. Neither person is what I expected them to be based on stories.

At 11:30, I’m ready to fall asleep. Steve’s family does not sleep early. Usually I’m in line with that. Not now. Next to the campfire, the struggle was real to avoid passing out and receiving a face full of fire. The alcohol wasn’t helping.

"I'm going to eat your eye!" I said
When most of the people had left, I thought "finally, time to sleep!" ...I was wrong. The family wanted to play the now-world-famous Golf. I do my best to play and be social, but my eyelids were in a fist fight with an invisible enemy.

Finally, I am able to collapse on the couch, falling asleep while Steve tried to hold a conversation with me.

Long, enjoyable day.

Editing Music: Koop Island Blues by Koop

*Fat chance after Liz. Not that I'd be mean enough to do that, anyway.
**Seriously, he has a super hero's physique

Metanote: Entertaining enough, Shelly?

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