Day 149 - Not Done Yet

Random Street art in Downtown Kitchener
September 3rd, 2015

Despite being stupidly tired, I wake up early. My phone still hasn’t registered the time change, and I had set my alarm for 10:30am. It went off at 8:30. I didn’t notice the change until I was already up, dressed, and getting down to work. My first priority is trying to find a way to Waterloo to see my friends there. Only problem is that we only have one functional car between the three of us, and there’d be hell to pay if I tried to take it.

Craigslist! One of the sketchier places on the internet, but maybe I can find a rideshare. Turns out some guy is leaving between 3-5, and might have space. Sweet deal, that’ll only cost $20 to get there, and I’m down with that price. He says he’ll have to let me know because the car is pretty full, but may have room depending on how much they’re bringing with them.
After some time doing work on the laptop, I go for a swim, shower, and take a nap, expecting the guy to call. Guy doesn’t call. My Mom wakes me for dinner at 5:50, and the train leaves at 6:30. Scarf down the home cooked meal, gather my things, and jump in the car. Off to the station!

A tree from Melbourne (Old pic)
It’s nice that Via Rail has free wifi now, but it’s weird that they’re trying so hard to be like airlines. It’s not a ticket, it’s a boarding pass. You can only have so many carry-ons, and you have to weigh them. So weird.

When I arrived in Waterloo, I expected Lucas to meet me at a nearby bar, Bobby O’Briens. I’m still groggy from waking up, I haven’t spoken to anyone except to answer simple questions, and the social juices just aren’t in there. Lines are dry, bro. This is my head state when I get off the train to find my sister, Lauren, and one of my good friends, Rochelle, bum rushing me, full of excitement. I handle it badly. For me, that means not matching their energy level, giving one word responses, and not playing along with the jokes. I hold back any rude remarks, and shake off the gloom.

Flyers in Kitchener
It doesn’t fully clear until we reach Bobby O’Briens, where Lucas and his brother, Zach, are drinking. It’s good to catch up with everyone, sharing ideas, getting some good laughs, and coincidentally merging two social groups. It doesn’t always work out very well, but this particular mash-up went well. We enjoyed each others company, set to the soundtrack of live music blaring in the background.

Zach offers us a lift back to Lauren/Rochelle’s place, which we gladly accept. We invite them in for a drink there, which results in another hour or two of hanging out. Luke calls it at 1am, since he has to be up early, and the social bubble bursts. Good hangout.

Editing Music: King and Cross by Asgeir

Meta-comment: in case you’re wondering, I’m going to stop writing the dailies when the action slows down. This looks like it will be Monday or Tuesday. After which, I’ll drop down to weeklies, and the occasional idea/event post.

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