Day 145 - Melbourne Day!

"Magnificent, isn't she!?" Luke Exclaimed with Vigor
August 30th, 2015

Today is Melbourne day, and you better goddamn remember it!

...I didn’t realize this was the case until the night before when it was mentioned in passing. Hey, we have no plans, so why not capitalize on the random events that will be taking place.

The Cow Tree Thing
The Docklands market is supposed to be happening, and I wouldn’t mind trying the “Taste of Melbourne” meat pie that they’re selling. The market is a lot of the same vendors from the Queen Victoria Market (day and night), and a lot of them really seem like they’re not having fun. It reminds me of the Chinese proverb “A man who does not smile should not open shop.” Protip: If you have a market stall, don’t look bored out of your skull. That one's for free.

We walk toward a crowd until I realize that everyone is walking in the opposite direction. Whatever main performance that was taking place seems to have finished. 
So many Chinese! I’m Scared!” I quietly joke to Luke / Tony / Tong
“Louder. Say it louder.” He recommends. I probably could yell it out and nothing would happen. If anything, the Chinese people would avoid me and some caucasian white knight might come and start yelling at me. I think it’s funny because I'm saying it to Chinese people. How ridiculous would that actually be?

Luke in line at the Greenhouse/Cafe
The coffee shop near the cow tree/harbor was nice, like an impromptu greenhouse. It's unclear if the shop is there most days, but it felt like it could have been pulled together that day. Luke bought the coffees that time, and I tried to look up where to go, and, more importantly, what time the meat pies were available.

Unfortunately, not anymore. I’m sorry Melbourne, I didn’t get to taste your flaky, meaty goodness. Instead, I'll experience another "first." So many firsts! This time it’s Korean BBQ. If you recall the post where the French woman got mad at me for taking a picture inside the cafe, today was the day that I went back and took a picture from the window.

Vents over the Tables
All those Delicious Meats!
We lined up outside for 20 minutes, waiting for the restaurant to open their doors. It seems rare that Asian food restaurants are actually staffed/owned by anyone that’s not Chinese. Seriously, most Sushi restaurants are staffed by Chinese people. Open your eyes, sheeple!* 

In case you know as little about Korean BBQ as I did before experiencing this, I’ll explain. You sit at a table, they light a gas stove/steam plate at the table and place a flat, square skillet on the flame. A tray of several meats is placed in front of you, along with some vegetables and kimchi. I don’t know why, but Asian cultures seem to be really into restaurants where you cook your own food. Generally, I regard this as something I pay them to do, but it’s a fun experience.

The train home was quiet. I had snagged some photos of artwork in a closed off part of the station, and was perusing through my finds. Tonight is the last night we get to sleep the whole night through. Shimou finally booked her ticket tonight. I think she was having a hard time facing the reality of the situation. Shit's not real until the ticket's bought.

Editing Music: Stiff Jazz by Dzihan & Kamien
*Sheeple is a great term to use when trying to gain credibility. It really perks an audience up and makes you more relatable! The more you know
"Uh, I missed it. One more."

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