Day 151 - Canadian All-You-Can-Eat Sushi!

September 5th, 2015

Initiate day
Initiating day…
Initiating Sushi…

Yes, today I am getting all-you-can eat sushi with my sister, Lauren, Friend Rochelle, and Ex-Housemate Reuben. Sushi is great, and nowhere is it a better deal than Canada, it seems. I’ve talked to people about all-you-can-eat sushi, and most places don’t seem to have adopted these wonderfully gluttonous fishnets.

Reuben’s orders took priority because he had to be at work about an hour after we began. An hour is not nearly enough to give this task the respect it deserves. We got hand rolls, maki, nigiri, sashimi, teriyaki meats, udon, soups, rice bowls, dessert - too much to try all in one go. If in Canada, do try. Lunch is better because it’s usually around $10 cheaper than the dinner prices.*

After lunch, Reuben takes off and the rest of us return to the house for a Siesta. Lots of food and little sleep make for a great napping combination. We sleep for an hour or two, and are waiting for our friend, Matt, to contact us after he wakes up from his post-work nap. Everyone is John, anyone?
Rochelle + Mango Ice Cream <3
Damn, girl.
Look at dat Dessert Table.

I know Matt’s been putting in crazy hours and is exhausted because of it. Lauren and I go to the corner store to get snacks for the game, and start watching Rick and Morty. We end up watching so long until it’s evidently too late to play the game. Matt was probably still sleeping, and would likely sleep through the night.

I fall asleep, still watching Rick and Morty, shortly after insisting that Haley, another close friend, should stop by to say hi. She arrives to find me sleeping around 11:30. I give her the skull I bought for her, and force myself to stay barely awake for another hour before finally calling it. Game Over. Sleep catches up to us all.

*Lunch ~$15, Dinner ~$25
MetaEdit: Sorry for being boring, guys. My life isn't always exciting enough to write about!

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