Day 98 - Facebook Page!

Sunday, May 15th, 2016
Smog Level: 3/3 Mountains

Wake up at 8:20. Gotta tutor from 9-11. Not bad, gets it out of the way, though I’m glad it’s not a regular time. Would kill potential late nights on Saturdays.


Animal girl talks about her chickens, and we finish the story of the little mermaid. It ends much nicer than the real story. Instead of dying and turning into sea foam, she somehow gets blessed to become an air spirit and is granted a soul after 300 years of good deeds. Sure, why not.

...And Death

I should probably stop calling her Animal Girl and give her a name so… Fluffy. She has a bunch of chickens, if you recall, and she told me about how 5 of them have died since she started raising them. Also, most of them have variants of the name "fluffy blah." I think there have been 21 in total. How did they die? 1 from sickness, and 4 because people accidentally stepped on them. She told me that her favorite one, Clump, was one of them. She reportedly cried for an hour, and the perpetrator paid ¥200 as apology. Bear in mind that these chicks only cost ¥10-20 each.

Afterward, Shimou and I go to the gym. My legs aren’t nearly as sore as I anticipated them being from climbing the mountain. All that walking seems to be paying off!

We eat, shower, and I nap. Shimou joins me for the nap, and falls asleep, but I keep thinking about things that I need to do, and decide to get up. 


Damn, I got a lot of shit done:

  • Sorted out pay pal
  • Finally posted something on the Gotcha Matcha Facebook page (Check it out! Like it!)
  • Made a Facebook page for this blog (Please Like!)
  • Attempted to buy the URL for (VPN issue stopped me, recruited Steve for help (as of posting, it's resolved))
  • Updated the Blog Logo, which you've probably noticed by now
  • Set up an Amazon account for Gotcha Matcha, but hit a wall because you need permission to sell certain goods there.
The Garden in Front of my Building
All this in less than two hours. About 6:30, I realize that I actually really have to go soon, and wake Shimou up. She was less than pleased that she had slept through the rest of our time together.

We walk to the train station together, and she met Bob for the first time. Off she goes into the subway, and us into a cab.

[Game On]

Last game, we had defeated a bunch of Drow (evil elves), and one of them had infected us with some green mist. This mist had given us a couple compilations:

  • Major compulsion: Go to a specific location
  • Major compulsion: collect a specific item, unique to each of us
  • Minor compulsion: steal the other player’s items.
The area is a series of rooms, the first of which was to welcome our new player, Taila, and her in-game counterpart, Talla, a druid. They deal with nature magic, animals, and stuff. I also obtained my “familiar,” a creature that follows you around, helps you, and can speak to you telepathically. He’s an Imp without a name (for now), can turn invisible, fly, and poison people. He'll also constantly try to corrupt me into taking progressively more evil actions. Should be fun! The party also doesn’t know he’s there, though.

We start going through this very compelling dungeon, with the first room being a basic combat run-through, killing two cultists and saving an old man who proceeds to bleed out. As we open the door to the next area, the doors we entered disappear. This happens with every successive room, forcing us to go deeper into the unknown.

Room 1: Element Room
In this room, we had to match stones with things like “sky” and “sand” writing on them, and place them onto 4 tables that had elements written on it. The hint was vague, and took us a fair bit of guessing to get through it. Luckily this was one of the most forgiving rooms.

Room 2: Red Carpet
Three segments of ground in front of the landing: Red carpet, bare stone covered with breadcrumbs, and a last segment covered with broken statues. Next to us on our landing are three piles: gold, food, and stones. The other wizard walked onto the red carpet, falling through, having a run ride on a  slide, and landing on her head. We laid out gold on the red carpet, food on the bread crumbs, and stones on the broken statue section. This allowed us to walk on them.

On our way to the Game
Room 3: Chess
A strangely set up chess board, we all played the role of the chess pieces. Unfortunately for the Dungeon Master, he doesn’t play chess and left us with a 1-move checkmate. Easy peasy!

Room 4: Riddles
With the group effort, we made it through. My favorite one was: What starts with T, ends with T, and has T in the middle?*

Room 5: Football
Weird, full-contact football to the death. Luckily for us, Whisper (the jerk ranger), had bought boots of speed that let her run very, very fast. Win!

Room 6: 3 Spears
This room confused us a fair bit. We killed three spearmen in a room that would send you to the other side of the room if you walked toward the outer walls. We thought there was a trick to it. There wasn't.

Room 7: Blackjack
Straight up Blackjack, where you can wager Hit Points or Experience points (XP). All transfers are Permanent. The bard made it out really nicely, doubling both his XP and his HP.

The Game Itself
Room 8: Doppelgangers
In this room, we met a games master who asked if we would fight as a group or with one champion. First we started as a group and were getting our asses handed to us. He offered us the chance to switch to a champion, which we did. We chose the other Wizard (fire lover), and he chose… me. He said it was a fight to the death, but I negotiated for incapacitation. Two spells later, and she was lying on the ground, laughing uncontrollably. Victory.. uh.. I guess for the Master? Either way, he let us through.

Room 9: Key Room
Just a big key hole that said to enter the key. Along the way through this place, we’ve been picking up lots of loot. One of the things I picked up was a normal-looking peg leg. Didn’t work. We tried inserting one of the prosthetic limbs that we found on the ground, but it was rejected. Each time the key would say “Fleshy.” The other wizard stuck her hand in and promptly lost it… but hey, the door opened! We cauterized the wound, then tried to attach a prosthetic. Luckily, they’re magic, so now she has a mechanical hand. Damn. I put one of the prosthetics into my pack for the future.

[Game Off]

And that’s where we left off because it was 3am and we were all beat.

*A Teapot.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
shí jiān
[shur jee-ann]
xiǎo shí
[she-ow shur]

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