Day 79 - Magic Christmas Man

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016
Smog Level: 1/3 Mountains

Phone Smoothies

Start the day fresh with a pineapple, banana, kiwi smoothie with protein powder, oh baby! Supercharge those vitamins and muscle building goodness! It’s the first day with my new phone and time to test this puppy out. Purrs exactly like a dog should - not at all. Which is good - phones shouldn’t be purrin'.

I feel a slight slump, lacking a little motivation. I should study, I should write, I should should should. But I’m beginning to think my current workload is going to lead to a burnout at some point if I don't shift something around.

What it comes down to is: 

Steve was Right

Dr. Rose is one of my best friends, and has always been about doing one thing at a time, and just one thing. Me? I’ve always been more about jumping around topics and ideas, doing multiple things at the same time. Our history of jobs reflect that. Me: service industry, restaurants, working with high-risk individuals, and Teacher. Him: lifeguarding, martial arts instructor, Teaching Assistant, and Professor.

These sorts of bundles are common.
"You want toothpaste? How about two..
And a bowl!"
20 Minutes to Focus and Batching

But the more I think about the idea that it takes 20 minutes to get back to the same level of focus, the more I realize that focus is what I need. Maybe I can get all my work done by simply learning to focus better and concentrating more effectively. 

Taking the idea further, maybe I can batch the work so that I can keep in the same mental framework. Example: one day, do a big batch of editing, another day do a big batch of writing, and alternate the days. This, of course, will not work with language learning because the best approach to that is to learn a little every day. Let's give it a shot.

In addition, I want to stop feeling so rushed. I’ve decided to consciously take a little longer with walking, slightly more casual speeds and less speed walking everywhere.

In other words, I'm trying to find ways to take my life back while still maintaining my current level of productivity.

Magic Christmas Man

Only notable thing that happened at school today was that I had to define “Santa Claus” in simple terms for ESL (english as a second language) 2nd graders. What did I come up with? “Magic Christmas Man.”

Secret Pictures

As a reward for being constantly productive from 6:40am until 8pm, I allowed myself to grab a bubble tea on my way back from the grocery store. On an elevator ride, a woman had taken a picture of me, forgetting to turn her flash off. I’m beginning to wonder how many people - including coworkers - have done the same without me catching them. I talk about this with a couple CoTeachers on wechat, joking that I’m toootally in high demand. I joke, but they seem to impress that it might actually be the case. Funnier still, I had weird bedhead and a loose pajama shirt on. 
Don’t let it go to my head, don’t let it go to my head…

Keep in mind that some men come here and get super inflated egos, thinking they’re the shit but actually become worse than when they first came…


As my “break,” I transferred music on a USB stick for a music exchange I planned with Aurora. I dumped a metric shitton on there for her. Maybe I should have taken more time and actually just made a small playlist.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]

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