Day 90 - Enter Animal Girl

Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Smog Level: 3/3 Mountains - AMAZING REJUVENATION

Chinese FlowersProgress! The gym finally has more than just a smith machine for squats. They’ve just acquired an actual squat rack. Now we’re in business!

Jǐu Líng Hòu

Last night Shimou and I had talked about the pre-90’s and post-90’s generations. I guess that’s the distinction they make in China, similar to the West's term "Millennials." The griping about Millennials sounds to me like similar complains that all older generations make about the coming generations, but this time they have the capability to be even louder on an individual basis.

Chinese Spring FlowersPre-90’s are said to be more conservative, more “typical Chinese,” while post-90’s are said to be more Westernized, and have the general same disdain for them as the West seems to hold for “millennials.” Pool had also mentioned it, saying similar sentiments. The Chinese term for it is “jiǔ líng hòu,” literally: nine zero later/back.

Haircut: Round 2

Another haircut is long overdue. Same rigamarole of the robe, wash, cut, wash, styling, and we are good to go. But Wait! They’ve raised their prices - Oh No! It was ¥20, but now it’s ¥30! It's because we used a coupon last time. Either way… $6 CAD instead of $4. Breaking the bank!

Animal Girl

I have acquired a new student thanks to Josh not wanting to deal with her. He said she was lazy and only wanted to talk about animals. He was right on both counts, but I will use her animal obsession to get her to work. She really does like to talk about animals... a lot. In particular, it revolves around her ~8 chickens. They’re chicks still, and once they get big enough, I guess they sell them to a farmer...? Her English was quite good, and I figure I can work with this, especially since she will come to the mall for her lessons.

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Anyone ever read "The Pearl" by Steinbeck?
Captain America: Civil War

Shimou and I hop into an uber, and we're off to the movie theatre! Captain America 3 is out, and it was better than I expected. “Civil War” in the comic universe is an insanely big and complex storyline. In the comics, they seemed to push it forward in a way that didn’t make sense. Captain America punches before talking a situation through? Spider-Man revealing his identity on TV? Geez, pretty big personality shifts. Anyway, the movie was great. Would recommend seeing it if you follow along with the Marvel movie universe. Pumped for Doctor Strange!

Urban Compression

Finding the theatre was a real pain, by the way. It’s near my school, but you’d never know it. There’s a large building that looks like it might be a business, hotel, or government office. Never would I have guessed that there was a large mall hidden behind it. The only way to access it was to go all the way through the first building's parking lot, and through the back corner. Some of the space-saving approaches they make still surprise me.

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