Day 94 - Yelling at the Ground

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
Smog Level: 3/3 Mountains

Taobao Dealz

Last night, I received an order of protein powder that I got on sale. 2 tubs for ¥420, when 1 had been ¥300! Nice. These places tend to throw more stuff in when you order enough, so I received another 750ml shaker bottle. Thing is, both Helena and Aurora had been eyeing that sucker up.

Creative writing. Take these sentences, make them your own, kids!

Aurora had guessed closer when I made them pick numbers, so she gets it. Catch: Before going to bed last night, I had told her that I “changed my mind” and was going to keep it. Jerk move? Maybe, but at least it makes the gift more of a surprise. Helena got a daily pill dispenser and sample packet of protein as a consolation.


On my way to the gym today, I stop just before where the cops stopped me to double-check that I have that picture of my passport I took yesterday. How bad would it be if I came across the same cops and didn’t have documentation, again?


In class, I make it through their spelling lesson - including English words - so fast that we have time to play a round of hangman. That never happens. If you wonder why I’m so strapped for time, most classes just straight-up give the Chinese definitions. Getting this shit tight, yo.

…The second class wasn’t as lucky. No game for you....
"First to puts their hand up gets to be special. Alright, Aden!"
Oh man, I laughed pretty hard at this. It's now a running joke.

I also received, of all things, a bottle of “calcium pills for mothers.” Uh, ok. I gave that to Bunny, my fitness-oriented CoTeacher. Why not?

Crazy, Mean Teacher

At dinner, I tell Helena, Jen, and Aurora about this horrendous art teacher. Man, what a dick. During the first class today, this old, fat, white guy is reaming these kids out. Not only is he doing it, but he’s doing it LOUDLY. I stop midway through my spelling lesson to pop out and say “Man, can you keep it down?!” Surprisingly, he apologized. It’s strange when someone spewing poison so readily backs down. Glad he’s not part of the Carden school.

Jen said that this guy had dressed up in a scarecrow costume on halloween and wandered into our halls - which are a school within a school, not his side - and burst into their classroom to yell “Happy Halloween!” She… was not appreciative. Apparently, he’s been a problem before.

Big ol' pile of unexplained garbage.
Probably the 2nd or 3rd time I've seen something like this...
...In my neighbourhood, I mean.
I think it's probably alright for him to be so mean because, well, Chinese teachers can be hella strict. Maybe this isn't seen as super out of the ordinary. I don't really know, but it seems like you could probably get away with being disrespectful to the students while teaching in China if you were such a person. Then again, most of my Chinese teachers I've seen have been respectful, if strict, but never as bad as this guy.

Will Trade Information for Language

After dinner, Aurora and I exchanged knowledge: Basic nutrition for Mandarin. Main thing I learned: “hái yǒu de” which means “What else?” though it literally means “still have.” Also practiced colors, and talked about what we fear.

Words of the Day
English - Mandarin [pronunciation]
Still (still have, still more)

Editing Music
I'll Be Your Man
The Black Keys

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