Day 5 - Clear Skies in Fremantle

Sarah and her affection for ticket machines

Riding the Canon
I woke up at 8:30 today and tried to go back to sleep, but gave up by 9:30. Swiss Sarah, Korean Julie, Japanese Yuzu, and German Nichole ate breakfast, and teased me about eating spaghetti. Hey, it’s cheap and easy. We talked about english and the different accents. Julie and Sarah preferred my accent to the Australians', but Yuzu and Julie can barely distinguish mine from the locals. They invited me along to Fremantle, and convinced me to ditch my plans because they will all be gone by Thursday. I, in turn, extended an invitation to my roommate, British Andy.

We ran to catch the train after almost missing it due to some trouble with the ticket station (Saraahhhhhhhh). It was a half-hour ride, and I struggled to stay awake. Andy and Sarah spoke about their travels, but I couldn’t really hear, watching the passing landscape and listening to the rowdy teenagers instead.

Heading to the beach

The Freyo Day Gang (Andy, Sarah, Julie, Yuzu, Nichole)
We arrived in Freyo and wandered over to a help office that informed us about the ferry to Rottnest Island - home of the Quokkas. It was cheaper, we were told, to book them online, so we put off buying the tickets until later (Sarah discussed it with them while we talked about the sounds animals make in our countries/languages (Kekariki is the sound a rooster makes in German)). Fremantle, for some reason, reminds me of what I think New Orleans would feel like, despite never having been there. A lot of little shops with those over-hanging patios on the upper floors and differently paved roads (I forget at the time of writing). I inquired about work at a hostel, but the guy seemed like he just wanted to dangle the carrot of a job in order to get me to fill a room.
Happy Sarah
Waffle Andy

We spent most of our time at the Fremantle roundhouse / the beach right next to it, and talked about our respective cultures. After some time displaying various party tricks (hand flute, japanese flexibility tricks, etc), we moved on to get food in town. The goal was to find somewhere that wouldn’t be more than $10, which happens to be somewhat difficult here. Turkish Pitas, something I’ve never had before, were pretty good and fit the ‘cheap’ description. We also stopped at a coffee/gelato shop because Sarah was in search of cherry ice cream (something she had never tried, but had wanted for some time).

Julie leaving at 9 that night
After spending several hours there, we caught the train back home at 6:30 and walked back to the hostel after stopping at the grocery (I bought two coconuts, oh yeahhh). The night was spent hanging out in the girls 6 person room, which was better suited than our 3-bed one. We played around with google translate to say ridiculous things to Yuzu in Japanese, which was definitely a highlight so far. She got super excited when I described ice cream pizza (a la dairy queen) and said we could try to make it the next day. Sarah felt sick and laid on her bed, mostly silent, and Nichole tried to convince us to take a road trip 10-14 hours north from Perth. Julie thought she had another night in the hostel, but had misread her ticket (12am) as being the next day at noon. At 1am, Andy and I retired to our room and I fell asleep after cuddling up with the devil.

  Bonus Pic:
Yuzu, after I said something to confuse her

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