Day 11 - Subiaco! (aka food heaven)

Subiaco Mahket
April 19th, 2015
I woke up at 10:30, feeling like it was 6am. I’m glad I had taken relative care with eating and drinking water the night before, as the hangover was very mild. I met Japanese Asuka in the common area, who reminded me vaguely of Yuzu (but only because of accent and nationality). German Daniel was forced to change rooms while I typed out yesterdays events and worked to overcome the groggy nausea enough to make it to the gym. Only 2 days left of this free week, gotta make the best of it. When Kiwi Haydon heard about Daniel’s predicament of having to change rooms, he commented “a change is as good as a vacation” which stuck out to me, though I’m not sure what I think of it.

My favourite Kebab place
Like I said, it was a slow day. I made it to the gym around 2, this time being sure to have my gym clothes. Andy and I decided to check out this market (Subiaco) on the suggestion of one of the foreigners we had met during our Canada vs British endeavours the day before (Thanks, Kentucky Grace). She told us that we could get vegetables for cheap there, particularly an hour before the market closed. Andy met me at the train station and we rode the rails to Subiaco.

(not sure what their message is)
I asked for directions to the maRket, which seemed to throw a couple people. Apparently my accent isn’t common, and possibly hard to understand (really tempted to ask where the maHket was). We found it; I am destined to return. You can barter for things, and shit’s dirt cheap even by home standards. $1 for a cantaloup (rock melon), $1 for a head of broccoli (7-8 over near the hostel), and I got a couple hot meals for half price (could have pushed for an even better deal, but thought 50% of was fair enough). Anyone coming to Perth and feeling the squeeze of simply eating, hit up Subiaco, Sundays at 3pm.

Random Mascot
We got back to the hostel, ate, and took a nap. Andy was still sleeping when I woke up, so I went to “The Moon cafe” with Australian Simonette and got pizza. I still find this whole “one bill per table” situation as strange as it is annoying. How hard is it to break up the bills by person if requested? And if you think I haven’t asked - I have. They just simply state “we don’t do that.” I suppose I’m seeing the other side of the coin without the pressure of tips, even though tipping isn’t the best system either.

We wandered around, looking for places that I could apply to the next day. I was specifically looking for a coffee roaster that I had passed a couple days before. This went on for some time until it got a little more chilly than I felt like putting up with, and I was hungry again.

The Buddhist temple next to the hostel while in session
The hostel was dead when I returned, and my Italian roommates were already in bed. After watching a couple episodes of DD, I went to sleep. Damn, that show is great.

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