Why I Delay My Posts

For those who are curious why I delay my posts, this (delayed) post will give some context to why it is a useful blogging practice. 

Yes, I do it on purpose. Here are the two main reasons why I delay my posts:

1) Distance for editing and narrative flow

Sometimes when you write something, then immediately edit it, you’ll miss sentences that don’t make sense to the objective reader. 

Have you ever written something that sounded fine, knowing the cadence and emphasis you placed on each word, but someone else thought was confusing? Happens all the time, and the best way I’ve found to work around that is to get some distance from the work. In this case, time.

Another bonus is that I get to know how things play out in my personal life and how I want to portray them after the fact. That fight that happened two weeks ago? I know how it resolved. That fight that happens today? No idea.
And just like it’s not a good idea to trash talk your friends or significant others to your family, so would it be bad to paint my friends in a negative light over something small and inconsequential.

Distance from the event allows me to illustrate narratives more clearly, rather than ranting about every seemingly significant occurrence in the heat of the moment. No one want’s to read a blog that sounds like those annoying Facebook status updates.

 2) It takes time, effort, and I’m busy living a chaotic and adventurous lifestyle

I try to pack in everything I possibly can to each post. I aim to take boring, uneventful days and make them entertaining and funny. I push myself to listen to new music constantly so that i can introduce new music to my audience. I have to find new mandarin words to keep up with, while trying to learn them myself. Sometimes I have to choose between the two. Then there’s the pictures, and captions for each. This is all ignoring the bare bones essentials of every post: writing, editing, and formatting.

It’s flattering that people care enough to want me to be up to date on my posts, but it’s just unrealistic. To live my unorthodox life, write it down, put it all together and do it on a regular schedule would take me at least a couple days leeway.

Frankly, I’m surprised I can keep it modestly entertaining on a daily basis.
Thank You

Lastly, thank you for reading. I appreciate the feedback people have given and have made attempts to incorporate them into my writing and posts. If there’s some way you think I could serve you better with my writing or exploits, let me know! Also, feel free to send me a message and just let me know you’re reading. 

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